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Garmin products are famous worldwide. These products have gained a lot of popularity because of its features and the excellent services that it has been providing to its customers. ‘Garmin’ is an worldwide acclaimed American multi -national company (earlier known as ProNav) known for specialization in GPS technology for navigation, aviation, sports activities and automotive using Garmin GPS.

Garmin launched a GPS navigation software program in April 2008 , for laptop , PCs and other computers based on Microsoft windows operating system. Mobile apps for various purposes for Android, iPhone and Windows phone are also offered by Garmin. 

Perks of using a Garmin

Garmin tools control a high percentage in the market share even though you have GPS tools inbuilt in our smartphones .

  • Get constant updates to make information authentic and reliable . 
  • It doesn’t raise your expenses and is better than commercial maps without any valuable features .
  • Garmin maps and GPS never run out of updates .
  • Purchasing maps physically has completely been eradicated.
  • It is a time saver as it has feature which helps in predicting traffic.
  • Paths that lead to mishaps or accidents can be reduced or avoided by reporting and informing drivers or commuters.
  • It can be installed in any region and can be easily updated.
  • Helps you manage and update GPS settings to keep them up-to-date. 
  • Just a single click to automatically update and the result displayed is always authentic. 
  • You can also save your favorite maps in your system.
  • It will always alert you when new maps are ready to be installed.
  • Allows you to install voices.
  • Best when it comes to accuracy and signal quality of GPS locations. 
  • Garmin comes in handy when you have to solve the challenges of some major GPS tools with latest GPS update. 
  • User can even add a new tool to the interface using and ANT stick or USB cable. 
  • The interface is very easy to understand, even beginners find it simple to use.

Problems you might encounter while using an out dated Garmin?

  • Imagine you are driving in search of a left turn you have to take but you end up finding that entire block is converted into a parking garage.

Such encounters are frustrating if you have a urgency such as appointment with doctor or you are not even in a hurry . With the amount of construction that is carried daily it can be tiring .

These Garmin updates ensure that you be on the right path to reach your destination on time . 

Can I update my old Garmin?

Yes , you can update your old Garmin device. Fortunately , updating your Garmin is an easy task with Garmin’s Express software. You don’t need to worry. Just plug your device in the computer and let the magic of software happen. 

Steps for updating your Garmin:-

Step 1: 

Connect to your computer using your device.

  • Remove your Garmin from your vehicle. It should be power on. 
  • With the help of a mini USB connect it and wait for prompts to begin. 

Note : if you are new , then do sign in to your Garmin account manually before beginning. 

Step 2: 

Install the Garmin Express in your computer .

  • to the Garmin Express download page .
  • Choose from “Download for windows” or “Download for mac”. 
  • Follow the instructions and install.

Step 3: 

Time to install your updates . 

  • Tap on “ Add a device ” and locate your Garmin.
  • You will get a list of available updates. 
  • Click on “select all”.
  • Keep your device connected while updating. 

Note : You might have to purchase lifetime updates. After updating , you’ll have access to all apps that come free with your Garmin. 

Step 4: 

Eject your device. 

  • After finishing updating, select eject to disconnect your device safely. 
  • Install Garmin back to where it was installed earlier. 
  • Your directions will be accurate. 
Guidance and Helpline Support:

If you are unable to resolve your issues, give us a call on +1 888-406-8616 or live chat with our experts for quick , instant support. You can also write to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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