Garmin Nuvi 1360 GPS

EasyGPS is the complementary, effective way to upload and download route, waypoint and detect between your Garmin Nuvi 1360 GPS and your windows desktop or laptop. Support or backup your treasured Garmin POIs, generate and send new way points and geocaches to your GPS, or print a map of your GPS track record. To accelerate, download your free copy of EasyGPS

Here comes some of our preferred tips to get the most out of your Garmin nüvi 1360 GPS with EasyGPS and ExpertGPS, our full-featured mapping software: 

If you are interested in geocaching, EasyGPS led a helping hand to download geocaching GPX and LOC files directly to your Garmin nuvi 1360

If calculation of area has been your problem EasyGPS calculate the area of any Garmin GPS track or route, making it ideal device for evaluation of area of land might be used for farming,ranch,or business. Go through our tutorials on using EasyGPS and ExpertGPS to calculate area. 

Well you can Geotag your pics so everyone can look exactly where you took them. EasyGPS automatically geotags pics from any digital camera, assisting you to map them on Google Earth. 

Transmute any coordinate format and datum. EasyGPS transform lat/lon, UTM, MGRS, and hundreds of national grid coordinate formats. One tap or click converts all of your Garmin data between any format or datum (WGS84, NAD27, NAD83, and dozens more). 

Obtain turn-by-turn Directions 

nüvi 1360’s user-friendly interface addresses you with two easy questions: “where To?”and “observe Map.” It also has a voice identification system which will escort you towards your landing place just one click on the coloured screen to effortlessly look up addresses.With an upgraded technology and enhanced features , you can just slide your finger effortlessly to scroll between screens. 

And you can also upload POIs. And with HotFix satellite prognostication, nüvi computes your location swiftly to get you there quicker. 

Reinforce or Backup your Garmin nuvi 1360 GPS waypoints, routes, and tracks after each travel, so your GPS statistics and data is always guarded on your computer. Well many EasyGPS consumers remove the memory on last outing data in their Garmin device each time after backing up in EasyGPS. This enables or gives them more data storage for analysing and recording waypoints and track record on their upcoming experience. 

Observe your GPS waypoints and tracks in Google Earth

Well you can spectate all of your EasyGPS data in Google Earth. For the legendary experience, including the potentiality to send Google Earth data and KML files to your Garmin GPS, check out the one-click Google Earth integration in ExpertGPS. 

ExpertGPS also lets you view your GPS data over topo maps, aerial photos, and your own scanned trail maps. If you really want to experience and you are serious about getting most of yous GPS, GO THROUGH the free trial of for your GARMIN Nuvi 1360 GPS

Surpass your Navigation 

Navigation is just a beginning. Nuvi 1360 tracks fuel usage and more ecoRoute. The 1360 consist of many travel tools together with JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock together with time zones,currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and more. Well photo navigation is also available one can download pictures from Garmin connect and navigate with the help of those pictures, new inventions are just mind- blowing. With its “Where Am I?” emergency locator, you always know your location. Simply click on the screen to get your correct latitude and longitude coordinates, the imminent address and convergence, and the immediate hospitals, police stations,  fuel stations, restaurants etc.

Well at last we can Conclude that everything we use in our daily life is a gift of technology and without which we cannot imagine our lives. And Garmin is coming up with these new innovations to help the society. 


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