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Magellan Gps is Not working

Have your Magellan maps stopped working suddenly? You can try resetting your device to resolve your issue. Magellan can also be a prey of any hardware or software failure unlike any other device. If you are facing any problem with your device troubleshoot your issue and follow the steps given below in the article. There are various tricks through which the glitches can be rectified.

Magellan is one of the leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company. They provide all the world top class services and tools for commercial vehicles and drivers to make navigation hassle-free and safe. 

Magellan GPS advantages:

Magellan tools control a good percentage in the market share even though you have GPS tools inbuilt in our smart phones.

  • They are constantly updated to make them authentic and reliable.
  • They don’t raise your expyNot expense and are better than commercial maps without any valuable feature.
  • Magellan maps and GPS never run out of updates.
  • Purchasing maps physically has completely been eradicated.
  • They help in predicting traffic and are a big time saver.
  • Paths that lead to mishaps or accidents can be reduced or avoided by reporting and informing drivers or commuters.
  • Installed in any region and can be easily updated.
  • Helps you manage and update GPS settings to keep them up-to-date. 
  • Just a single click to automatically update and the result displayed is always correct. 
  • Now save your favourite maps in your system.
  • Magellan always alerts the user when new maps are ready to be installed.
  • Best when it comes to accuracy and signal quality of GPS locations. 
  • Magellan comes in handy when you have to solve the challenges of some major GPS tools with latest GPS update
  • User can even add a new tool to the interface using and ANT stick or USB cable. 
  • The interface is very easy to understand, even beginners find it simple to use. 

Why do you require to reset your device?

A reset to your device will ensure that you are able to access the updated data successfully without any hassle. It will also work as a basic trouble shooting step if your device is malfunctioning. 

Magellan provides you with a hardware reset button which is easily accessible also the GPS device comes with three different kinds of reset button.

  • Hard Reset with Main Menu
  1. Tap the ‘Main Menu’ on your unit.
  2. Select the ‘View’ option.
  3. Select ‘Settings’. 
  4. Click on the ‘Restore Factory Settings’ option.

Note: A confirmation message will appear seeking your final consent.

Click on the “confirm” button to hard reset your device.

  • Reset with pinhole button
  1. You have to first locate a small hole stated as reset on your Magellan device. 

Note: Location of the reset hole depends upon the device you are using. It can be located on bottom, left or right side of your unit.

  1. Take a paper clip and push it in the hole till your device turns off. Hold it for the time period of 10 seconds. 
  2. Turn your unit on by pressing the power button on. 

Now,  you can access your new updated maps and other updates like usual. 

  •  Reset with a Slide switch 
  1. On to off is the pattern in which you have to slide the button. 
  2. For eight seconds, hold the button in the off position. 

Now you can release the button to reset your device. 

  • Reset with reset switch 
  1. In this procedure, you have to slide the switch to the reset position. 
  2. Hold in same position for 8 seconds. 

Once you release the button, your device will be reserved. 

  • Reset with the hidden menu 
  1. Hop on the main menu bar. 
  2. Tap on the left and right corner twice respectively. 
  3. Now again tap on left and right corner once respectively. 

(In total, you will make a sum of six taps on your screen.) 

4) A hidden menu will appear. 

5) Choose the option of ‘Reset for first use’. 

Now, sit back as your device will go to a hard reset. To restart your device press the power button. 

Note: You can use hidden menu reset to reset your Magellan if your device gets locked. 

Guidance and Helpline Support:

If you are unable to resolve your issues, give us a call on +1 888-406-8616 or live chat with our experts for quick, instant support. You can also write to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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