Hard reset can be a solution to the problem in your Rand McNally GPS. Here in this article, you will find an easy way to do a hard reset in your Rand McNally GPS device. Rand Mcnally’s OverDryve has been well known for speed and reliability. However, technical glitches can never be stopped, and the same happens with these devices as well, but no worries they can be sorted with a few simple steps. 

Rand McNally GPS is managed on a Driver Connect app that provides information about your truck in your phone and making it technically very sound. This app also provides access to multiple gauges that show the average fuel economy, boost pressure, fuel spent per hour, oil pressure and coolant temperature. Because of all these features, Rand McNally becomes a driver-friendly Device, therefore the troubleshooting becomes highly necessary.

Restart you GPS Device

Android devices keep on creating problems in their lifetime, and in case if your Rand McNally device is getting unresponsive then the primary solution should be to turn it on and off repeatedly or you can follow these steps :

  1. Turn off your GPS device by pressing the power button for 3 – 4 seconds.
  2. Now you should wait for your device to completely shut down after pressing power off.
  3. Further now you need to restart your device by pressing the power button for 3-4 seconds.

While restarting your device if it is getting unresponsive or not working then you should hold the power button for 15 seconds to completely shut it down and then you can turn on your device by pressing the power button for 4 seconds approx.

The solution discussed till now might solve some minor problems in your Rand McNally GPS device but there are few issues that need serious attention and therefore is the need of factory reset or hard reset of Rand McNally GPS device.

Rand McNally GPS hard reset

Following is the process for a hard reset of your Rand McNally device.

  1. The first step is to shut down your device, by pressing the power button for 10 seconds and forcing it to shut down.
  2. Further now you will have to boot your device into Engineering Menu by pressing and holding the Volume Up and Power Button together.
  3. Thereafter you have to use the Volume down button of your device and choose the “Android Recovery Mode” and use the Power or Volume Up button to select this option.
  4. Further, now your device will you show the warning sign with an android robot and on-screen you will see “no command”. Now again you will have to use the Volume Up button and Volume down button and press them together and your device will show the recovery menu.    
  5. Now you will have to select the wipe data/ factory reset option using the Power Button and you can use the Volume buttons to scroll up and down.
  6. After choosing the factory reset option now you will find the next window and there you need to use the volume button again to select “Yes – Delete all user data” and then press the power button to complete the selection. With this, your Device will get back to the Engineering Menu and the user screen with a display that Data and Cache partitions formatting is done.
  7. Now again use the volume button to scroll to “Reboot System” and then to select press the power button.
  8. Now at the end, you need to wait for your Device to complete with rebooting, and finally, your Device will reset to the factory mode.

However, primarily you should always try restarting your device as we have explained at the beginning of this article and hard reset or factory reset should only be done if restarting your device doesn’t work. And while performing hard reset always remember to backup your data from the device.

We hope this article is helpful enough for you to perform the hard reset of your Rand McNally GPS device. And still, if you find any problem with your device then you can call the customer support.


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