How to update Garmin Nuvi?

The Garmin GPS unit is so accurate and updated that it helps you to cruise in the unknown neighborhood in the simplest way. A lot of people don’t know where to contact when they are worrying about how to get Garmin maps for free, how to reset Garmin GPS, or any other related concerns. To use your Garmin gadget at its best, updates are very important. You must get these updates without any fail. Contacting right professionals during these times also plays a crucial role.

The unit of the Garmin GPS detects and locks down your exact location, and within a moment, through satellites, you will get all the roads, rivers, restaurants, and whatever you are looking for a click away. The maps of Garmin are so accurate and updated that you will never again lose your way while walking into an unknown neighborhood. But to get the desired result, it is essential for you to use updated maps. Else, you will end up on the wrong road, or in the wrong direction or into a dead end. And if your map is not updated, the device will show you all the shops and restaurants that were there when your device was updated for the last time.

So, to get the best result, you will need to update your Garmin Nuvi from time to time. And to help you better, we have listed down all the steps so that you don’t need to worry regarding how to get Garmin maps for free and stay updated all the time.

  • Connect the Garmin Nuvi with your computer using a USB cable
  • Now, on your computer, open your browser and type Garmin’s find map and enter the page
  • After the browser is completely loaded, find an option that says automotive and then click on the download map update. This is the answer for how to get Garmin maps for free.
  • After the file gets downloaded, double click on it and the updater will be installed on your computer
  • After the installation is completed, click on search for device and after device is found, click on continue
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation. And if you find any command shows “Purchase updates for your device”, then your device is not eligible for free updates.

So, this is how to update Garmin Nuvi in the easiest way.
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