How to update MIO GPS?

Came across a road that is practically debarred but virtually displays in your MIO GPS map?

That means there is a need for your MIO GPS Update. Not to worry we have made this an easy to perform the process with this article.

Some of the very popular MIO GPS devices like MIO DigiWalker C320, MOOV 300, MiVue Drive are widely used devices in the world. MIO GPS devices play an important role to help people reach their places, and to make these devices work with accuracy there is a need to update your MIO GPS devices.

MIO GPS has been ranked amongst the top three brands in the world. The Taiwanese manufacturer is making GPS devices since 2002 and right now they deal in Car and Bicycle navigation units and Dashboard cameras. 

So here in this article, we have broken down the steps into the simpler ones so that you can easily update your MIO GPS by yourself. 


Step 1. Download and launch MioMore

 First, you will have to download the MioMore Desktop to your Laptop or PC. By installing you will be able to :

  • Mio GPS map updates
  • Downloading Software
  • Manage your maps and custom Point of interest.

In this step, you will have to visit MioMore Desktop and click “Download”. MioMore will be downloaded to your desktop. Thereafter you need to launch the MioMore application by clicking the “MioMore icon” on your computer.

Step 2. Connecting Mio device with computer

Further, now you will have to connect your Mio GPS device to your laptop or PC with the help of USB cable that came as inbox accessory with Mio GPS device

Also, ensure the device to be turned on.

Step 3. Update the software

Now after connecting your device to the computer you have to open the MioMore Desktop and further you will see a pop up that displays the software update, click “download” and thereafter you need to select the language of your choice and keep on following the on-screen instructions and then software update will be installed. 

Step 3. Downloading the MIO Maps

Now further in this step, you need to downloads the maps by clicking “My Maps” from MioMore desktop. It will be followed by three categories.

  • Green maps show that these have already been downloaded in your GPS device.
  • The yellow map shows that they are ready to be downloaded to your device.
  • The red map shows that to download them the product activation key is needed.

Now here you will have to select the yellow maps and that will proceed towards downloading or else if you want to download the red maps then you will have to visit the MIO website and enter the product activation key follows by click next that will result in downloading the red maps as well.

Step 4. Transfer Maps to your device

Now here you need to transfer the maps from computer to your MIO GPS device. To perform this you will have to select the icon of your GPS device below my maps and further, you need to select “Transfer now” button. This action will lead to transferring the maps data from your computer to your GPS device. This might take some time depending on maps data.

Step 5. Disconnecting your device

In this step, you will have to disconnect the MIO GPS device from your computer safely. After the installation is complete you need to right-click on your device icon and then click “Eject”, and thereafter remove the USB cable from your device and your computer.

Now you can connect your MIO GPS device to your car or wherever required, your device is now ready to use.


So that’s how you can easily update your MIO GPS. In simple words, Connect the device with computer > Start the MioMore desktop window > Click on the install available updates > Close the MioMore window > Disconnect the device.

To get confused while following a certain path has become a very normal phenomenon, considering a lot of developments all around the world like highways, roads and construction, and hence is the need of MIO GPS maps and moreover to update MIO GPS maps.

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