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Garmin products are famous worldwide and have gained a lot of popularity because of their unique features and excellent services that they provide to their customers . ‘Garmin’ is an American Multi – National company , known for its specialization in GPS technology for navigation , aviation , sports activities and automotive using Garmin GPS . 

Garmin Nuvi series line was released in 2005 . The Nuvi series with LMT provides Lifetime Maps and Traffic . They come overloaded with particular region , like North America . Other features include real – time traffic updates and markings for points of interest , such as restaurants, gas stations , ATMs , etc . 

Garmin Drive 50 USA LM is no.1 Best seller whereas the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is best rated on Amazon . 

Tips and tricks for Garmin Nuvi Series

  • To charge a battery with USB port . 
  1. Disconnect your USB drive . 
  2. Disconnect it from “My computer” .
  3. Hold the button wait until it beeps . 
  4. Push again the power button and wait for the beep. 

          The GPS should show “charging” . 

  • If the Garmin Nuvi doesn’t receive the satellite signal . 
  1. Update your GPS with web updater . 
  2. Do a “hard reset”.
  • Hard Reset . There is a reset button on back of the Garmin Nuvi but this button does not erase user data . 
  1. Press the bottom right corner of the touch screen . 
  2. Simultaneously press power and release power in a while . 
  3. Choose to erase user data when required .
  • When your Garmin Nuvi does not say street names and is compatible with the text to speech feature . 
  1. Choose a tts voice ( indicated in brackets ) . 
  • Regardless of the address or point of interest you are working for , your Garmin Nuvi tells you that there is no result : 
  1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu . 
  2. Select settings . 
  3. Then select the map .
  4. Then the information .

Note : In this menu , you will see the version of maps installed . Check at least one map , otherwise you will not do anything with your Garmin Nuvi GPS . 

  • If your Nuvi is frozen , try the reset button . There’s no standard place on Nuvi , check in manual . 

Bonus Hacks for you:

  • On 3rd April 2009 , Denuvi and emmix two users discovered a new way to get to the hidden GPX track logging menu for some of Nuvi models . 


  1. Go to Where Am I Screen . To go to Where Am I screen tap on the vehicle symbol in map view mode . 


Select “Where Am I” in tools menu.

  1. Then on tap the words “Nearest” , “Address” , and “Junction” in the manner specified below: 
  • ‘Nearest’ in “Nearest Junction” or “nearest intersection” . 
  • ‘Nearest’ in “Nearest Address” . 
  • ‘Address’ in “Nearest Address” . 
  • ‘Junction’ in “Nearest Junction” 


 “Nearest intersection” . 

Note : This hack is confirmed for Nuvi 205 model . 

  • For Nuvi V5.00
  1. Go to Where Am I screen ( similarly as Nuvi 205 ) . 
  2. Tap the sequence near corner of location text box . 
  • Bottom Left .
  • Top Left . 
  • Top Right . 
  • Bottom right .

For Nuvi 1490T Track Log Hack

  1. Go to “view map” screen . 
  2. Tap on the “speed” indicator . 
  3. Press and hold centre the speedometer until the “diagnostic page” appears . 
  4. Select “Diagnostic logging” . 
  5. Select start recording . 
  6. Check “GPX” then press “start” . 

Nuvi advantages:

Garmin tools control a high percentage in the market share even though you have GPS tools inbuilt in our smart phones.

  • Constantly updated to make them authentic and reliable.
  • Not expense raising and better than commercial maps without any valuable feature.
  • Garmin maps and GPS never run out of updates.
  • Purchasing maps physically has completely been eradicated.
  • Because of its features that help in predicting traffic, it is a time saver.
  • Paths that lead to mishaps or accidents can be reduced or avoided by reporting and informing drivers or commuters.
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