Garmin Connect Bluetooth problems while Connecting with your device

Each and every problem or issue will be accompanied by its solution explained in most easy steps. These results will mostly help you to get rid of the major Garmin Connect sync problems. 

Situation no 1. Not connected to Garmin Connect while the Garmin device is paired. 

This situation states that when Garmin nuvi device seems to be paired with the Garmin connect app but is not ready to sync data between the duos. 

This problem is mostly the same as the reflection of the another Garmin Connect Bluetooth issue, that can be elaborated as the “Garmin connect sync failed” issue. 

The device status will give out :

  • Green dot will be displayed by the status ring.
  • During an ongoing sync the sync arrows will rotate constantly. 
  • The white progress line will be revealed by the status ring. So, the good news is that after some initial diagnosis and effortless measures you can easily fix this problem. 

Want to learn how? Then you must keep on reading.

Steps to troubleshoot Garmin connect sync failed” issue. 

There are certain other factors that will determine that result are “unable to pair your Garmin device” with Garmin Connect app on your Smartphone. 

Some of the criteria must be met before starting the troubleshooting please read carefully, what these are: 

  • Your Garmin device should be established, located or placed within the Bluetooth diameter or range of your smartphone. 
  • The Bluetooth device setting should be turned on (on both the Smartphone and the Garmin nuvi Device) 

So, let’s begin to understand what to try to fix the ‘Garmin Connect app sync’ issues: 

  • First turn off and turn on the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.
  • Shut down the Garmin connect app and restart it after a break of a few minutes. 
  • Restart your smartphone. 
  • Restart your Garmin device. 
  • Remove the previously added Garmin device from the Garmin connect app and add it from scratch. 

Well if you don’t know how to add the Garmin device in Connect app? You can call on  +1-888-406-8616 and get instant Aid/support. 

And if you are sensing any fault in your Nuvi device. Do update Garmin nuvi

Situation no 2: Getting the “Pairing Failed” message while setup Garmin device with Garmin Connect app. 

Most of the time in another situation that people face while setting up the Garmin device with Garmin connect app is getting the “Pairing failed” message on the screen. And this situation also belongs to the “Garmin connect Bluetooth issues” school of study. 

Entering right pairing code. 

  • Before starting to troubleshoot this error, you must check that you have entered the right 6 digit code. 
  • Well not entering or typing the incorrect code will lead you to the “Pairing Failed” error.
  • So, let’s check over the troubleshooting of the “pairing failed unable to pair your Garmin device” issue. 
  • Go for the following things step by step 

click on the “Retry” button, to allow your Garmin device to try once again to connect with your smartphone. 

Clicking on the “Retry” button 2-3 times repeatedly sometimes resolves the issue. 

Solution 2: Soft reset the Garmin device. 

  • Keep pressing the power button until it gets rebooted. 
  • Once again try to connect your device with the smartphone. 
  • A new and fresh start might let the device get connected to the Smartphone. 

Solution 3: Restart your Smartphone once 

  1. Switch off your smartphone. 2. Switch off or Turn off your phone. 3. Then, Press and Hold 

○ Volume Up + Power button (or) 

○ Home button + Volume Up + Power button (or) 

○ Volume Down + Power button (or) 

○ Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button 

  • Please try all the above steps until you see the reboot menu 
  • Then, to go to the Recovery Mode menu and hold down the power key for a short while. 
  • Next, select option: “wipe data / factory reset” using Volume Down, and Power button to confirm operation. 
  • Switch it on. 
  • Retry to pair it with the Garmin device.

Still having “Garmin connect mobile app issues” speak to the GPS assistance @  +1-888-406-8616

Situation 3: Garmin connect app is unable to find my Garmin device during the Pairing process 

You might be facing the “Garmin connect manual sync problem” as you are trying to add your Garmin device to your Garmin connect app but it’s failing. 

The problem could arise when your Garmin Connect is unable to find or scan your device. 

Advice no 1: Enable pairing mode on Garmin Device 

  • You must check if the Pairing mode on your Garmin device is activated or not? 
  • Bluetooth guiding signal will be activated when the Pairing mode is enabled on the Garmin device. 
  • If it’s not activated yet check your device settings to turn up the Bluetooth. 

Advice no 2: check for Bluetooth option on smartphone 

  • Turn off and on the Bluetooth option on your smartphone. 
  • If it is already activated on your smartphone. 
  • Or else enable the Bluetooth on your smartphone. 

Advice no 3: Restart the Garmin device 

  • If activating and deactivating Bluetooth settings on your Garmin device does not work. 
  • Easily reboot your device by switching on and off and on it once again. 
  • Now active Bluetooth on the device. 
  • And allow your smartphone to search for the device. 

These simple, easy and effortless advice will clearly help you out of “Bluetooth problems with Garmin Connect app” issues. 

What happens to your saved data when you get “Garmin Connect” Sync Error? 

Well, you need not to worry as the entire Garmin data is saved on the Cloud. So, you can easily access all saved data when you sync with Garmin connect after fixing the “Garmin connect sync” errors. 

And if you are working with Garmin express then you might know you can get all data downloaded from your Garmin express account easily. Below link will help you to download and install Garmin Express. 

Other Garmin Connect sync issues are: 

  • Garmin Connect Bluetooth problems
  • Check app update. 
  • Garmin connect sync failed. 
  • iPhone not connecting with GPS. 
  • Manual sync problem of Garmin Connect. 
  • Garmin Nuvi device pairing failed. 
  • Garmin Connect mobile app problems. 

Having problems with Garmin GPS maps.

Most of these issues also come under Garmin connect sync problem and both Garmin consumers. These issues can make your time ineffective for a while. 

In case you couldn’t make it stipulate “Bluetooth problems with Garmin Connect” then you require GPS support to assist a call @  +1-888-406-8616



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