Garmin GPS not Updating

If you are a tech savvy and a GPS user then you must have heard a name “Garmin”. This is a giant when you enter the world of GPS manufacturers and sellers. With their devices being used in big brands like Mercedes to the aviation, they have all the balls in their basket.

Finding problem in Updating your Garmin GPS?

We have a Solution

Yes we do have a solution for this problem. Although Garmin has also discussed about this problem in  Garmin Support, but we will be discussing about this in detail and we will provide you all the possibles solutions for this problem. So just stick with us and read all the pointers carefully.

To Download software, Update maps and for other content updates, an internet connection is a must required thing for Garmin Express. The connectivity should be proper or else it will crate an issue while updating your Garmin GPS.

Indicators of this issue

There could be many indicators to this problem, some of them are discussed below. 

  • Display of an error message : There is an error installing the update/content.
  • Downloading gets freeze or stuck for longer time 
  • Or any other unprecedented incidence while updating or downloading.


  • Switch to the latest Garmin Express Version

You should always check for the latest available updates, click this Updating the Garmin Express Application For more information .

  • Ensure enough free disk space in your computer

Garmin Maps usually takes a lot of time to update, so you need to ensure the availability of the free disk space in your computer. This download requires around 20GB of free disk space for successful installation. Maps being an important part of GPS, stores lots of information.

  • Ensure High speed Internet 

For successful updation this is an important aspect. Garmin GPS requires a high speed Internet connection like DSL or a wired connection. You should avoid using mobile broadband connection 4G, mobile hotspots, or any such services. To know what internet connection services you are using, contact your internet service provider.

  • Ensure there is no capping on the data limit

This could also lead to an unsuccessful Garmin Nuvi update. Some of the heavy updates in Garmin may need space up to several GBs, and if your internet service provider has put a maximum monthly or daily limit on your data, then there could be some issue in updating.

If you have capped the limit of your internet data, then your GPS update might take a long time or downloading might freeze several time or get stuck as well. And exceeding the data pack could result into extra fees and reduced internet speed.

To solve this issue you should remove the capping by contacting your ISP

  • Disable the Antivirus / firewall temporarily 

Sometimes the antivirus or security software might interrupt with Garmin Express. This doesn’t happened generally but few security software used in business environment could be a result of this error. Try these steps to avoid such error.

  1. Disable your antivirus temporarily, if unable to disable then you will have to use a different computer.
  2. If this doesn’t solve your problem then create an exception for Garmin Express, for more information visit  Garmin Updater and Garmin Express Network Requirements
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi or business network

Using a shared network or public Wi-Fi can create problem for a successful download. If unable to update in any of these connections then try to download from home network.

  • Ensure Strong signal in Wi-Fi

Always check to have a strong signal in your Wi-Fi and for best results move your Wi-Fi router as much closer to your computer, or else plug in your computer to the Ethernet cable.

  • Network hardware Reset

Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Shut Down your computer
  2. Now Unplug your router and reset your network hardware.
  3. Now after few moment plug your router back and restart your computer.
  4. Now try to update your Garmin GPS again.
  • Check your proxy setting 

Improper Proxy settings or LAN could result into a bad connection between Garmin and internet. For more information click verify for the correct proxy settings.

  • Disabling your VPN

You can also try to Disable your VPN, if this is not applicable then try working on a different computer or network.

  • Ensure one device at one time  

This means that your device can only read and write one application at a time. So you need to ensure to close other applications that are reading you device.

  • Ensure correct date and time zone settings in your computer

Yes, indeed this is the tiniest thing but the improper setting could lead to the break in communication between Garmin Express and Servers. To check this go to the time, date and time zone settings in your computer.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall Garmin Express
  1. Click here for how to Uninstall Garmin Express
  2. Now restart your computer 
This article is a complete guide to resolve the issue of your Garmin GPS update. To conclude, you need to keep your Device updated with the latest software that Garmin releases, you can check these updates from Garmin home page. 



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