Garmin Nuvi 265wt

The Garmin 265 WT navigating device offers several features that are usually not seen in this price range. Along with all recent updates on location and routes on a map, it has an FM-TMC traffic information receiver that will keep you updated about all sorts of congestion and other road information. Nuvi offers you with complete information about what is causing delay and how you can easily save some time by searching for the quick solution for the delay. All you are required is to keep your device updated by downloading all the latest Nuvi Maps updates available for free. Along with all these beautiful features, the built-in Bluetooth facilities allow you to make the hand-free call.Long with easy navigation, you can find information about traffic congestion and possible delays.

It offers friendly guidance through text to speech voice prompts. With security features available, no individual can get an unauthorized person for getting a view of your personal information.If you seek any assistance from Garmin gadget experts, and get instant help.Our experts are available 24/7.

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