Effective steps to update your magellangps device

Business travelers find themselves in unknown territory. In these cases, the proper guidance of the GPS units would be invaluable. Nevertheless, GPS devices are the reliable source to get data stored. Therefore, it is integral to update these devices on a regular basis. If you are using a magellangps device, an update will offer you newer features because the company always works on developing their older features to give customers a better experience.

How to get free a magellangps update?

You can get a free magellangps update by follow the points below:

  • Charging the unit is your first step
  • Then, you should work on downloading and installing the Content Manager from Magellan in order to get the magellan map updateNext, you will have to launch the Content Manager and log in. You can log in by using the information of the account
  • Tap on the ‘Create account’ option and then follow directions
  • Connect GPS unit and turn the device on manually
  • To get the magellan update, you will have to right click on content manager
  • Then, click on ‘get now’ in order to download & install the available updates
  • Wait for some minutes and then the update will work

Why choose us for magellan map update?

We can offer you magellangps support services in the times when you fail to download the latest updates. Our team is experienced, certified and efficient to answer all possible doubts about Magellan map updates. We are available 24/7.

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