Methods to Fix rand McNally GPS update Not Working Problems

No wonder that GPS devices have massive contributions in the lives of common people who are purposed to work on wheels. The signals received from GPS devices offer accurate locational information with an estimated speed kept into account. Rand McNally does it right with their GPS devices.

The company enjoys an exclusive prominence in the lives of people frequently in cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles. Rand McNally TND is their GPS device that has gained popularity amongst drivers. The company is determined to deliver frequent rand McNally GPS update regularly. But, there are times when users get errors.

Fix rand McNally update not working problems

If you are also suffering from some errors where the Rand McNally device has stopped working, then keep reading on. This is the post where you will get some methods to fix the new update that stops working on your device. So, to read on the fixing method of rand McNally GPS update, check below.

Method 1: Resetting the device

  • First of all, you must reset your device. For that, turn the device off.
  • Switch on the GPS unit
  • You will be asked to erase the data in the maintenance mode
  • Press the reset button
  • Once the device gets reset, ensure that it is placed in a correct position to catch the signals
  • Now, your rand McNally GPS update will start working

Method 2: Connecting the device to the computer

  • When you see that your rand McNally GPS update has stopped working and the aforementioned method did not troubleshoot, then you should go with this method.
  • Connect your device to the computer
  • Now, you have to go to files and look for the option mentioning ‘File Explorer Window’
  • Open the User Folder as soon as you are taken to the new box
  • You will now notice ‘User Folder’ to be consisted of .ini
  • These files are also denoted as the personal preference files
  • Here, you will have to delete the files in order to make the rand McNally update work properly
  • Upon deleting, you have to remove your device from the system
  • Now, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes
  • After waiting, you will require restarting the device in order to get the rand McNally update and make it work properly on your device

These methods are reliable and work properly. But, in case both of the aforesaid methods have failed to troubleshoot your rand McNally map update not working problem, then we can provide you a reliable technical solution.

Why choose us?

Our support team can provide you with rand McNally lifetime maps solutions when it stops working on your device. We have a trained department of engineers who work all day long with dedication and provide customers with advanced technical assistance.

For more information on update rand McNally maps and other technical errors concerning the device, you can feel free to contact our team of professionals. We bring forth the advanced ways to provide you customer support services with utter convenience.

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